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"Mirage Content" Is the Reason Your Company Blog Isn’t Generating Leads

How many times have you clicked into an article expecting to read something great - only to be disappointed by how bland, re-hashed, and unoriginal the content is?
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Content Promotion: How We Grew from 0 to 32,977 Users in 5 Months With Zero Paid Traffic

It sucks spending hours, and hours, writing a quality piece of content, only to publish it and not get any readers.
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The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) of Content Marketing

One of the biggest issues we hear from marketers and founders is this: "We have no idea what our return on content marketing spend is..." If this is you, don't feel bad, it's incredibly common...
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Content Strategy Case Study: 10,000 Hyper-Targeted Visitors in 3 Weeks

How do you attract engineering management at enterprise companies who are looking to find highly technical consultants...with content?
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The Simple Promotion Strategies We Used to Help This Company Get 67% More Traffic to 1 Post in 2 Weeks

A few weeks ago, prior to starting this live challenge, we surveyed B2B companies on our email list and found that 75.6% of them said they get under 300 visitors per post.
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Growing From 0-12k Organic Visitors by Mapping Content to the Sales Funnel

Do you have a blog that gets traffic but isn't generating a ton of revenue for your business? After talking with numerous businesses over the last few weeks, I've realized that this is a common challenge.
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Scaling a Blog: How I Grew Blog Traffic from 0-35,000 Monthly Uniques in 6 Months

A recording of my fireside chat at the Google Launchpad Space with Autopilot's Josh Fechter.
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