We are a fully remote content marketing agency with a laser focus on creating content for clients that lead to sales, not just traffic, social shares, or other vanity metrics. You can read about what differentiates us from other content marketers here (or in many of our other posts). We’ve always been fully remote (even before COVID) and always will be and have both contract and full time employees. You can read more about open positions and apply below.

Marketing Writer for Bottom of the Funnel Blog Posts (Remote and Contract)

This is the flagship role at Grow and Convert and the engine of our agency. We are looking for writers who can write bottom of the funnel blog posts that sell the client’s product or service and lead to conversions. This means the writer needs to be able to deeply understand products, features, and nuances of how they compare, what makes one better than the other and be ale to explain that clearly and concisely. You can read more and see multiple examples in the job description above. 

Content Strategist That Runs Our Process for Clients

Content strategists run our entire process (summarized here, and frankly in all blog posts we’ve ever published) on individual client accounts. In addition to being the final say on the writing of blog posts for that client, that means they are in charge of: topic and keyword selection that will lead to conversions (read more about this here), interpreting results form the analytics, explaining all of this to the client in calls, and other client management logistics. But, all content strategists start off as writers, because they need to master how to write bottom of the funnel blog posts for clients. So to apply to be a content strategists, simply apply to the Writer job via the link above and mention in your application that you’re interested in possibly being a strategist.

Little to No Experience Content Marketer

If you don’t consider yourself a “writer” or a “marketer” and you haven’t done any “SEO” before but want to learn marketing, content writing, or SEO, and feel you’re smart enough to pick things up quickly and understand complex topics, we may still be a fit for you! In the end, this role is the same as the bottom of funnel blog post role, but we created a separate dedicated job page for it and a separate application form for it because we have quite a few great members of our team that came in with almost zero (or literally zero) marketing or professional writing experience and have become awesome members of our team. Learn more and apply in the link above. Please only apply to one job post.