Grow and Convert is a content marketing agency and consultancy for growing businesses. We offer a fully done-for-you content marketing service where we produce content, drive traffic to the articles we produce through community content promotion and SEO, and convert the traffic to leads/signups.

Our Open Content Marketing Roles:

Writer: B2B Sales Background

We’re looking for a writer to help produce our style of high quality articles with experience and understanding of sales in a B2B setting.

Writer: Real Estate and Real Estate Lending

We’re looking for a writer that has some background knowledge in real estate or the real estate lending space.

Part-Time Content Promotion / Social Media / Community Management

We’re looking for a part time, remote content promoter. You will be using our community content promotion technique to articles we write from clients. You will learn and execute on effective content promotion techniques. You should be very comfortable and savvy with being in communities, forums, social media groups, etc.

Business Writer (Remote and Contract)

We’re looking for a business writer who is passionate about interviewing marketers, salespeople, and Founders, and writing about business and marketing strategy. You will take these interviews and turn them into educational business articles that will teach your readers how to accomplish something or think about something in a new way