We are a fully done-for-you content marketing agency where we completely take over your company blog and produce high-quality content that drives targeted traffic.

What You’ll Get

  • Your entire content marketing operation outsourced, start to finish
    Benefit: Most firms just write articles and share on social. We’ll create a complete strategy for you start to finish and execute on all of it.
  • Extensively researched content ideas that attract your target customers
    Benefit: Qualified traffic instead of un-targeted traffic
  • High quality content pieces created for you each month
    Benefit: No high level fluff pieces
  • Exhaustive, customized content promotion
    Benefit: We’ll generate traffic, not just publish and send out a few tweets.
  • Active, manual link building
    Benefit: Boosts rankings faster thus gets leads from content faster. We do this for our articles and existing articles that could use a boost.
  • Customized conversion plan to convert blog traffic into leads
    Benefit: Instead of just traffic, we’ll help generate real leads to pass to sales

Our Experience

We have over a decade of combined experience in content marketing and conversion optimization (hence “Grow and Convert”). Here is a sample of case studies and strategy articles we’ve published, as well as a brief background on our founders.

You can read more articles like these on our top content page.

Founder Backgrounds

Benji Hyam has run marketing for venture backed and privately owned companies such as ThinkApps (San Francisco mobile development firm), Vistage (Internationally renowned executive coaching company), and Everwise (San Francisco based venture backed employee mentoring startup).

Devesh Khanal runs Growth Rock, a conversion optimization agency based in San Jose, CA, and has optimized conversions from content for companies such as When I Work (Venture backed leading employee scheduling software), ValueWalk (Major financial news site with millions of monthly visitors), and Amerisleep (Arizona based leading online mattress ecommerce company).

ROI and Pricing

Here is why we think many companies will benefit by choosing Grow and Convert as their content marketing agency:

  1. Less Expensive: All in cost (including benefits, etc.) for an FTE in content marketing is higher than what our agency charges.
  2. Better Results: We have more experience, a better system, and can out deliver an FTE or competing content marketing agency you could hire.
  3. Traffic and leads/signups, Not Content: You’ll judge us by traffic and leads/signups produced, not content produced. As a result we never produce high level fluff articles just to show we’re working — never, ever.
  4. Faster Ramp Up: Finding a qualified content marketer isn’t easy, we hit the ground running on the first day because we already have a process.
  5. More Experience: We’ve produced real results for multiple companies and have written about them extensively on our site. We’ve made the mistakes your new hire will make years ago.
  6. More Flexibility: We don’t require a 6 or 12 month contract. That means less risk for you because you can fire an agency at any time as opposed to dealing with HR hassles.

The cost of our services is $10,000 per month.

This includes the complete management of your company blog: user research, writing high quality articles (no high level fluff), promoting your content and driving traffic (paid and organic) and a conversion plan to help you drive leads from content.

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