Who We Are

Grow and Convert is a content marketing agency that differentiates itself by publishing a smaller number of articles than other content firms, but at a much higher quality. We use carefully measured data to attribute leads to individual articles (more detail about why we’re different than most agencies in this post). We have a wide range of clients from B2B services, to SaaS, to select B2C companies. Some examples of our clients below.

Our team is 100% remote (and will always be). Our clients are worldwide, although most are in the U.S.

Our Marketing Analytics Need

Since a key part of the unique value we deliver to clients is to measure and attribute leads they get to individual articles we publish, an important part of our process is setting up and monitoring analytics, as well as answering analytics questions.

We do most of this via Google Analytics. Specifically we use the model comparison tool as explained in this article, as well as creating segments as explained in this other article.

Finally, on occasion we have some clients on Hubspot or some other marketing analytics platforms that want us to use their platforms to suss out more information.

To date this has been done by one of our founders, but we now need someone to be the expert that can setup and answer all questions related to analytics. That means:

  • Making sure clients have the correct goals setup.
  • Making sure we know what each goal does
  • Emailing clients to clarify if we aren’t sure
  • Answering questions from our team when they setup new model comparison tool or segment analytics reports. For example “Why don’t these numbers agree? I used to see x, now I see y. etc.”
  • Answering questions from clients when they are analytics related and the content strategists for that account can’t answer it themselves.
  • Learning and getting data from non-GA tools such as Hubspot or others when clients request it.

In short you’ll be the analytics expert on our side to help problem solve. We have set processes already to do basic setup and reporting, you don’t need to worry about that. But when things come up that are outside of the normal operations, we need to dig deeper, etc, that’s when you’ll come in.

Your Experience

  • Totally comfortable in Google Analytics
  • Experienced with multi-attribution reports in Google Analytics
  • Comfortable and experienced with Google Data Studio (we summarize GA data there)
  • Comfortable learning other marketing analytics platforms (e.g. Hubspot). You don’t need Hubspot experience, although that’d be nice to have.

Your Characteristics

  • Analytical
  • Problem Solver
  • Clear communicator (this is essential, you will be communicating with both our team and directly to clients)


  • This is an hourly contract position
  • Hourly pay: $50/hr
  • Estimated Hours: 5 – 20 hrs per month
  • We are looking for someone who is generally available during US working hours (ET or PT is fine)

To apply, please fill out the form here.